Donut Savers  

Donut Savers
$200.00 full set




  • Race cars with rubber donut drives


  • Donut saver plates sandwich the donut to protect your headers, frame, brake lines, and anything else close to the rear axles.



  • Protects valuable chassis and drivetrain parts from the forward inertia that drives the wheel and axle forward, interfering with other car components.
  • Removal of the stub axle from the transmission or the axle from the upright is NOT required:
    • Simply remove the donut and sandwich it between two of the donut saver plates and reconnect the donut.
  • The donut offset should compensate for the thickness of the plates
    • If necessary, track width can be increased 0.15 inches.
  • There are 6 bolts on the donut.
    • 3 alternate bolts go through the save plate on one side of the donut
    • The other 3 bolts go through the other save plate on the opposite side of the donut.

Made in the USA of SUPERIOR Materials
and heat treated for long life.